Cultural Diversity???

Here's an interesting story...

A parent decides that she is distressed that the public school her children attend calls the two-week vacation at the end of December 'Winter Break' instead of 'Christmas Break.'

Last year, she listened to commentators, particularly Bill O'Reilly of the Fox network, who criticized stores and public institutions for not recognizing Christmas.

"Christmas is being virtually wiped out," she said. "This is a tradition. . . . It is a part of the American culture."

So, the woman contacts the school board and presses for them to change the name of the break on the district calendar. Thursday night, the school board voted 4-3 to approve the change. The district will now have an official "Christmas Break."

One of the board members who voted AGAINST the change is a local pastor.

"I believe in democracy," he said. "I do not believe in theocracy ... This is a public institution, and we should try not to offend people."

I find it interesting that a pastor can see the point of wanting to include all segments of the population that attend school within that district, however, some pusillanimous egoists feel that their way is the MOST important, to the exclusion of others.

When I was in elementary school, I remember reading an essay which described America as a "melting pot" of people, with many different cultures coming together and becoming one. Since then, that analogy has become rather outdated, with the newest comparison being to a "garden salad" - different types of cultures coming together to create a diverse society with each embracing its own identity.

My personal feeling is that the school board should stay out of it. If a family chooses to call it "Christmas Break," "Hannukah Holidays," or "Ramadan Retreat" within their home, more power to them.

How boring would the world be if we always expected everybody to be exactly the same?

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Dave Morris said...

"Jane, you ignorant slut!"*

Garden salad is a great metaphor, but I happen to know that you hate tomatoes, which appear to be the equivalent of christians in this example.

It is time to force this country back to where it should be, and that's a nation of christians who worship the same god and celebrate the same holidays. Everyone else, we can truck to the border and say "good riddance."


*Dan Akroyd's classic line from SNL's "Point/Counterpoint" debate with Jane Curtain. She always went first, then during his rebuttal, he always began with "Jane, you ignorant slut!" So I'm neither calling you Jane, nor an ignorant slut.