She's Baaa-ack!

Okay, everybody... I'm back! I know that you all missed me terribly... Sorry for the delay in my return, but my only excuse is that I've been super busy and haven't had access to a computer.

Until today!

Impusively, I went to Best Buy this afternoon and bought a new desktop computer. Nothing fancy - just something I can use to check (personal) e-mail, blog, and pay bills.

After connecting all of the wires (which they color-code for all the idiots who are unable to assemble puzzles) and spending forty-five minutes on the phone with tech support to figure that I needed to disable to firewall protection to be able to get online, I AM HERE!

I actually found out that the new job I am starting towards the end of this summer provides all of its employees with a laptop for use at work or at home, but I figured that it would be best to have my own computer... The last thing I need is anybody from work getting upset with something I write from my blog or some crazy shit like that. I've heard that it happens... Seriously!

So, I'm going to have to get back into the whole blogging deal... Check back regularly for insights from Violet!

Peace, love, and oreos!


Blogarita said...

Glad you're back! But I prefer chocolate chip...just sayin'.

paula said...

Yeah!!! You're back! I've missed your witty insight!!

Diana said...

Welcome back!!! (But not like I have any room to talk since I haven't blogged in weeks!)