Float Trip '06

So, tomorrow I'll be leaving to go on the annual float trip with a bunch of friends. We camp a couple days and hang out in the river, then go on the actual float on Saturday. I'll be back and blogging by Sunday night. It is going to be good times.

Here's a picture of last year's float, so you can know what you're all missing. That's me with the purple wig - my name is Violet, after all. I am proudly showing all that I have successfully stripped the blow-up doll (Fatty Patty) of her silver Bud Light swim suit and changed out of mine into hers while on the raft in the middle of the river. Sorry, guys - I was on swim team forever and long ago mastered the art of changing into and out of swim suits without exposing myself.

Fatty Patty didn't make it through the float trip. She had her cherry popped while Damon rode down a mudslide on top of her... RIP, Fatty Patty. You'll be missed this year!


Diana said...

WOO HOO!! Can't wait! Tomorrow is just not getting here fast enough!!

Nichole said...

WooHoo!!!! Can't wait! See you friday night!

Ari said...

Going floatin' is one of the things I want to do before I die. :) Hope you have fun!