Oh, You Can't Get to Heaven....

So, Dave and I were out at dinner a while back and for some reason, one of us (probably me) began singing that silly kids' song "Oh, you can't get to heaven...." You know the one:

Oh, you can't get to heaven
(Oh, you can't get to heaven)
On roller skates
(On roller skates)
'Cause you roll right by
('Cause you roll right by)
Those pearly gates!
(Those pearly gates!)

Which then led us to creating our own verses, with the other person singing the echo part. Some of my favorite original verses:

Oh, you can't get to heaven
In a mini-skirt
'Cause God don't like it
When you're a flirt.

Oh, you can't get to heaven
In a three-legged race
'Cause you'll probably trip
On your shoelace.

Oh, you can't get to heaven
With your pet cats
'Cause heaven don't have
Any mice or rats.

Anyway, you get the picture. It was pretty sad how long this game was able to keep us entertained. Any suggestions for additional funny verses?


Leon said...

Clever song. I like it.

Blogarita said...

Is there a verse about not getting to heaven if you've never heard this son? That's the one I need.

Dave Morris said...

The theme song of my life:

"Oh you can't get to heaven..."

That's it. I just can't get there... nuf said.