New Job = Long Commute = Way Too Much Time to Think

Word of the Day: Flusterated. (Actually heard used in a presentation this morning.)

Statistic: The average number of sexual partners a woman has in her life is three. For a man, it is eight. Somewhere between five and ninety-nine of those women are lying.

Decals: You know those decals that people put on their cars with the little Calvin character pissing on "fill-in-the-blank"? The other day I saw a car with Calvin taking a whizz on the word "Terrorists." Does anybody else find this slightly ironic? I mean, isn't the naughty look mischievous Calvin gives over his shoulder in its own way showing that he knows his behavior is a minor form of terrorism? Making people not want to buy "fill-in-the-blank" because if you do, he's going to pee on it?

Advice: When beginning a family, parents should never allow themselves to be outnumbered by their own offspring. Child rearing should always be maintained with man-to-man coverage.

Street Names: A recent visitor to the area had a fun time learning his way around town. His favorite roadways: Duchesne and Upper Bottom.

Question: What is the story with the crying? I used to pride myself on the fact that I never cried. However, the smallest things have the ability to get me all teary-eyed these days. (And it isn't PMS, I swear.) For example, I was listening to the radio the other day and heard an advertisement from AmerenUE talking about its response to the recent power outages. It mentioned a man who had passed away while working to restore electricity. I got all choked up and had to blink back tears as I drove down the road. I need to get a freakin' grip!

Photo: Check out this hottie! Doesn't it make you wonder what you would see if you really did look in his window?


Chris Johnson said...

That guy is a total hottie!! You are so LUCKY!!

Blogarita said...

I swear, he'll do anything to get attention.

BTW, the coffee I just snorted all over the computer actually improves the image.

Dave Morris said...

I was captured in a weak moment. I look real happy huh? How many different clashing colors could I be wearing at once?

As for the "peeing" decals, the only one I've seen in a while that I actually liked was the one you described. And I don't believe it's the slightest bit "ironic," because to think so is not to know the meaning of the word. (um, what IS the meaning of ironic anyway?)

Nichole said...

Street Names: Upper Bottom - Mikey doesnt get that one. Why am I surprised?

Photo: OMG, sexier than seeing Bea Arthur nekkid!

Diana said...

Great picture! What a hottie! ;o)

Ari said...

I do the crying thing too now. It's kind of annoying.

Fantastagirl said...

what is up with the crying thing. I saw the movie preview for the movie world trade center and I was all teary eyed..not pmsing, not preggers...why?

paula said...

That is the funniest thing I've seen in awhile. You better hide that pic from Dr. Mike....who knows where it might end up!!!

KareFree said...

I so love that picture. I don't think I took one with my camera of him with that wig on. LOL! I have to pay better attention to things when we're all getting ready to go.

Dave Morris said...

I must singlehandedly take credit for you setting a new "comments" record.

And it cost me dearly in reputation... not to mention how much those orange shorts set me back.