Looking for the perfect Christmas gift?

Consider the classic gift of a
Wooden Sushi Slicing Playset!

Just think of the hours of fun that
your little one will have
slicing and dicing wooden fish!

And if you think that wooden sushi just isn't enough,
check out this added feature!

"Realistic Chopping Sound As You Cut Your Sushi Rolls!"

Set complete with chopsticks!


Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I was going to buy my daughter a laptop. But now, she's getting these instead.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm...that may be the lamest fucking thing in the history of the world. ;)


Ari said...


Mae Midwest said...

I need this for my kid's play kitchen. Just for the conversation- piece factor when people come over.

Your local! Have you joined stlbloggers.com?

Mae Midwest said...

Dammit! "YOU'RE" local. I am an idiot.

amandarama said...

I want some!