Sports Corner 2**

So how 'bout those Cards?!?!

A couple of thoughts that I've had while watching the playoffs:

You know the jerk who has the expensive seats behind home plate and you can see him talking on his cell phone? All of a sudden the guy starts waving frantically because the person on the phone tells him, "Hey, I see you on TV!"

Don't be that guy!


Another guy you don't want to be is the idiot who still hasn't learned the lesson that it is NOT a wise decision to try to lean over the wall onto the field to grab a ball that is still in play. You may think that it is foul or that you are catching a home run, but come on! Remember the poor guy for the Cubs a few years back? Do you want that to be you? Last night a fan leaned over and scooped up a ball that was fair. It was an automatic double for the Mets, which it probably would have ended up being anyway, but for God's sake, grow a brain!


Every year the Cards are in the playoffs, there is a player from the other team that we all love to hate. Last year, it was Berkman of the Houston Astros. This year, it is Jose Valentin.

What's with the moustache? I mean, seriously. This guy looks like he belongs on Super Troopers or Me, Myself, and Irene. (Do you know why I pulled you over, meow?)


Watching sporting events has really improved my lip reading skills. I can recognize words like What the fuh... and Dangnabit.


Let's go Cards! One more game! Hopefully Carpenter can make it happen for us tonight up in Shea Stadium.

**Back by special request by Dave!!


Fantastagirl said...

If we have a baseball game on - Tink loves to say - "Strike Three - He's out" and that's before the guy even swings...

Perhaps I should explain the game to her - but I'd have to stop laughing first!

Mom of Three said...

You've got it bad. Like I do for the Steelers. Right down to player photos on the blog!

Good luck!

Yeah, him. said...

As the biggest Mcgwire fan ever and a guy who is still hopeful about his Cardinals, I am torn between my desire to see the Cards win (for Pujols, Eckstein, Carpenter, + Duncan, not to forget the playoff what the ? of Taguchi and Molina. talk about inspired play) and to see the Cardinals lose in the hopes that Tony Larussa will get deep sixed, Edmonds vanishes into free agent obscurity and Wilson, Encarnacion, Belliard and the remainder of the pitching staff not on the DL get abducted by aliens.