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So, today marks the official beginning of the new NHL season. And, for the first time in years, I'm actually looking forward to the season. I, along with many other St. Louis sports fans, are hoping that the 2006-2007 St. Louis Blues Season will mark the beginning of a new era in St. Louis hockey.

New owners mean refreshed interest. A willingness to spend money on players that will help to build a successful team. What a novel idea!

In addition to new ownership and new players, the home of the Blues also has a new name. Instead of the Savvis Center, it is now the Scott Trade Center... That is going to take a little getting used to.


The Cardinals won their first playoff game in San Diego yesterday.

Ya gotta love Pujols and that look on his face when he knows he's clocked a ball into next week. And Carpenter is truly amazing to watch. But, the highlight for me yesterday was the catch that Belliard made of that line drive into the right field and the way he fired that ball to first base to make the Padres strand three runners on base.

I hope that the Cardinals do well in this series... Last year was such a disappointment. (F#%* Houston and their g$#^!& buzzing bees!) Hopefully, with Edmonds and Eckstein back, the Cards will be able to hold their own. But, as everyone in St. Louis pretty much knows, it is going to come down to pitching.

I've always been a Cardinals fan, (can you be a true St. Louisan and NOT be a Cardinals fan?) but, over the past two years I have watched a lot more baseball and learned a lot about the game. I am really able to have a true appreciation for the skill level of the players. I've even learned how to tell the difference between the different types of pitches and what some of the strategy is between choosing one over the other. And, I learned the difference between a designated hitter and a pinch hitter.

On a side note, I think it sucks that the games in this series are all played at 3 o'clock (central time) just because St. Louis and San Diego aren't big markets like New York and L.A. But, as everybody in professional sports knows, it always comes down to the almight dollar.


How in the world do the St. Louis Rams have a record of 3-1?

Not by any skill, except perhaps the skill of Jeff Wilkins...

Want to know the easiest way to become known as the best kicker in the NFL? Join a team that can't score once they are in the red zone.

I'm not big fan of Marc Bulger. Never have been, doubt that I ever will be.

I was hoping that once we got rid of Mike Martz that the Rams organization would get over this shtick of always trying to pass the ball and being unsucessful in the process. But, apparently, we're still stuck there.


But, that's just me. We'll take the 3-1 record, no matter how sloppy it was to earn!


Dave Morris said...

Stick to writing girly stuff.

The Rams scored 40 points last weekend, including FOUR touchdowns. They haven't looked better in the past two years. The defense is hot, the offense is warming up, and you have a bad taste in your mouth about Bulger - admit it!

As for the Blues, the Lauries spent some money on the Blues - but the fans don't attend the games because it's not baseball or football. The players need a reality check... hockey ain't gonna pay you guys the money that other sports pay, because hockey's fan base is apathetic.

Girls! Sheesh... next post, could you write about knitting, or scrapbooking, or something like that?


Pepper Medley said...

"On a side note, I think it sucks that the games in this series are all played at 3 o'clock (central time) just because St. Louis and San Diego aren't big markets like New York and L.A."

I can sort of relate-I've been a fan of the Chicago Cubs since I was kid -and I admit that at first it was only because I thought first baseman Mark Grace was really beautiful-anyway, I was sort of sad when they installed the lights and started playing at night.

Night games are nice, but it wasn't the same Wrigley, and for the same reasons. I still love those adorable losers though.

LBseahag said...

I am so trying to decipher what city you live in...hmmmm...

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i dont much care for sports..but I have high hopes for my Tigers..although I live in MN..I cant tell anyone here that I am rooting for the tigers..or there would be trouble for me..

man, write some chick stuff will ya?..haha


Violet said...

David (don't-make-me-use-your-middle-name) Morris:

In terms of hockey - just because you don't like it, doesn't mean that nobody else does or should. If you remember, my mom's family is Canadian. I have to like hockey; it's in my blood. There is no need for you to infect others with your apathy for the sport.

One major factor that allowed the Rams were able to score several touchdowns last weekend was due to the inefficiency of the opposing defense. And, while our offense played better in Week 4, what happened to our defense? It had been playing very well for the first three weeks of the season, but seemed to not play quite as well last Sunday.

I love the Rams. I have been a loyal follower since they moved to STL. I know more about the game of football, how it is played, and the strategies than a lot of MEN do. So don't act like I don't know what I'm talking about.

(Choo... Choo...) Hear that? Yep... That's the nookie train... Pulling out of the station...

Anonymous said...

There is only one sport that I watch religiously...MMA. (If you have no idea what the hell MMA is, maybe UFC will clear things up a bit)

Becasue of this...much of this post might as well have been written in another language to me. ;)


Dave Morris said...

It's not MY apathy the Blues need to worry about - it's the FANS' apathy, which they have displayed via their lack of attendance. I'm simply the messenger... you can look up the attendance figures on your own. The salary demands of the hockey "stars" are making ticket prices skyrocket, and fewer people are going. That's just a fact, whether YOU'RE from Canada or not.

(crash, smash, bang, boom, screeeeeeeecccccchhhhh!) Hear that? Your train has derailed.*

*I'm not sure what that means.

paula said...

"I think I like the leg behind the blanket the best. It really adds a feeling of... uhmmm.... I got nuthin'... But, it is pretty sexy!"

Okay, you left this on my blog, what is it supposed to mean exactly? Too many beers??? :)