Election Day...

Normally, I simply "select all" and "delete" the messages from my junk e-mail box. Today, as I scrolled through the list of senders, I noticed that I had a message from none other than President George W. Bush!

"Laura and I urge you to vote Republican and to ask all your family and friends to go to the polls. The stakes are too high for you to stay at home."

As I scrolled a little further, another message caught my eye. This one was from President Bill Clinton.

"We need every Democrat, every volunteer, and every vote. Because when the stakes are this high, we can't be satisfied with merely being right. We have to win."

Apparently, the stakes are high during this election.

I had several other e-mails regarding the election, too:

"The President is committed to winning Republican victories at all levels and we are criss-crossing the country campaigning for GOP candidates and spreading our message. But with precious little time remaining, our President needs your help today, too." ~Laura Bush

"America wants change. We want an end to the disgraceful lies and the astonishing incompetence. We want a government that won't sell out our children's future to enrich the wealthy and the well-connected." ~Senator Chuck Schumer

"Same-sex marriage was legalized by the Massachusetts state Supreme Court in 2004. Please join with us in our fight to insure that more children are raised in a home with a mother and a father!" ~Matt Daniels, President of Alliance for Marriage

"Your vote and your support are critical and very well might make the difference between a Senate that continues to make America safer and stronger - and a Senate run by Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy and their liberal special interests." ~Senator Jim Talent

I'm not sure how I became so lucky to get on all of the mailing lists from both of the major political parties in the U.S., but reading their e-mails today is too little, too late for my vote. I voted absentee yesterday.

Warning: If you are easily offended or
extremely close-minded in terms of political issues,
do not read further!


On another note of the political nature...

Today Missouri is voting on Amendment 2, which is in regard to stem cell research. This amendment has made national news with the advertisements in the state for and against the measure with Michael J. Fox supporting it, Rush Limbaugh bashing him for doing so, and Kurt Warner and Jeff Suppan participating in a rebuttal ad.

Many of the people who are voting on Amendment 2, both for and against it, are extremely ill-informed about what the measure actually means.

I find it extremely disheartening that the American public does not take the time to find out the facts about the issues before making a vote. Much of the religious right is against Amendment 2, citing their opposition to abortion. The truth is that stem cell research and abortion are unrelated in terms of this amendment. Also, the amendment is simply providing specific regulations and provisions for stem cell research that is already protected under federal law.

But, my guess would be that most people did not take the time to actually read the amendment. It is pretty clear about the issues that people are trying to muddy.

My guess is that Amendment 2 will not pass, because as a friend so accurately said, "Missouri is just as backwards as Kansas."


By the way... If you don't vote, I am prohibiting you to comment on this post. Because if you don't take the time to get your ass out and vote, then you are actively giving up your right to have an opinion.



Bluepaintred said...

should I apologise for not voting or just admit I am Canadian and avoid the fuss.. hmmm, nope it will be more fun this way :


Violet said...

Okay, Bluepaintred, you are exempt, but being Canadian is the only excuse!

Anonymous said...

Man, I hate to admit that we might be as backward as Kansas, but I think you may be right.

Mom of Three said...

I voted! In Oregon we are lucky enough to have our ballots mailed to us, then we can take the time to research the issues (and show the kids the process), then mail them back in postage-paid envelopes.

Do Diebold machines here, thank goodness!

Should be an interesting TV day. Could be lots of change...

Diana said...

I voted today! :o)

Fantastagirl said...

I voted today - only I didn't get to use the fancy machine - I had to use the fill in the oval - paper and pencil - there was a line for the one electronic machine. Is that backwards or what?

Memphis Steve said...

The religious people's objection was to the fact that it was for emryonic stem cell research. They have no objection to stem cell research in general. That's another part of the debate that people are ill-informed about.

Violet said...

You are right that many people are/were confused about the difference between the embryonic/non-embryonic stem cell research.

I guess the point I would like for those opposing embryonic stem cell research to see is the fact that the stem cells that are being used are (a) already in existence and would be destroyed anyway and (b) less than 14 days old from the first cell division.

I disagree with the way many churches and organizations make it seem like researchers are going to be ripping fetuses from women to harvest their stem cells. That just isn't the case.