On Autopilot

What a thrill it was when as a child we would be driving in the car and pass someone in another car that I knew!!! This happened often when we'd be leaving the subdivision and would approach the car of a neighborhood friend. Waving frantically, I'd grin out the window, hoping my friend would see me. What were the chances that we would both be riding in cars at the same time and the paths of those two cars would intersect?

Then there was the phase when my mother would be driving and see somebody that she knew went to school with me. She would honk at them as I would shrink down in the passenger seat and hope that whoever it was didn't recognize me and the fact that my mother was so incredibly mortifying.

Once I got my license, seeing a friend in another car in the road became an invitation for a challenge. I specifically remember racing my friend Garrett down Highway 70 to see who could make it to the bowling alley first. Granted, I was driving my mom's Plymouth Caravan woody-style mini-van and he was driving his mom's minivan, but we were hitting over 90 mph in those suckers. Hey, you gotta work with what you got!

Now, I'm never quite sure what to do when I see somebody driving that I know. I would say that at least one or two mornings out of the five day work week, I end up next to, in front of, or behind a co-worker. Do I wave? Ignore them and continue driving? Rev my engine and take off when the light turns green?

Usually, I just kind of stare straight forward and act oblivious (which really isn't all that much of a stretch). I mean, I don't want to be rude, but if I wave once, do I have to wave every single time they pass me or I pass them on the rest of the way to work? That would make me feel more dumb than pretending like I don't notice them.

Although it would be much more fun to drag race to work every morning!


Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I know what you mean. I hate seeing people I know while driving. You can't say anything because they can't hear you. You have to gesture instead. And the only gesture I can do well is the middle finger.

Blogarita said...

My parents had a huge Ford LTD station wagon that my little brother and I both drove from time to time. It definitely won its fair share of races.

KareFree said...

I just wave once and that's it when I see somebody. But, most of the time I am oblivious. Just not on purpose. :)

Steven Novak said...

I just pretend like I don't see them...

And then wonder why people hate me so. ;)


Dave Morris said...

As for the drag-racing to work? Your commute would be shorter on those days you didn't get caught.

Remember, I'm NOT all about bail money. :D

Ari said...

I always wave because I don't want to hear any bitching (or not hear any badmouthing said behind my back later about how I'm so snotty). I'm lame that way I guess. If they don't wave back, that's cool. I know I did the friendly thing.