Let The Games Begin!

First of all, F#CK BLOGGER! I just typed this whole blog entry and it disappeared, "Recover Post" button be damned. So, here, let me recreate the entire thing. However, I warn you: The first post was genius and there is no way that this one will measure up.


So, tonight is the official start of the American Idol season. I say the "official start" because tonight marks the first episode that people get to vote on which contestans go on to the next round.

Dave and I have been hosting the weekly Tuesday night ritual this season, inviting everyone over to watch Idol and then House, MD. Some nights, the gathering is as small as Dave, me, and Mikey... other nights there are as many as nine or ten people here, like tonight.

Tonight, Dr. Mike and Paula brought Dave and me a gift. It was partially a thank you for babysitting Ella a couple week ago and partially a thank you for hosting Tuesday nights. It was a matching set of the official American Idol perfume/cologne.

That's right. Now, even if Dave and I can't sing like American Idols, at least we can smell like them.
The other interesting part of our Tuesday night has to do with the gambling that we've managed to integrate into the mix. I mean, what is reality television if you can't find a way to make money off the whole deal? I am in charge of the American Idol pool at work and apparently am now in charge of the pool with the friends, too.

If you want to start your own pool, let me know and I'll e-mail copies of the information to you. We are using a whole tiered point system to determine the winner this year. I think it is going to work out pretty well. I was going to try to figure out a way to make a link to the entry form and rules, but it is too much of a pain in the arse. The only rule is that entries must be turned in before the Thursday night elimination episode begins.

I have to admit that I found that tonight's episode was a bit lackluster. I wasn't all that impressed with too many of the guys, but maybe some of the girls will rock it out tomorrow night.

For those of you that aren't die-hard Idol fans, don't worry... I promise not to turn this blog into a weekly update of the show! As a matter of fact, I (probably) won't post about the show again until we have a finale party at the end of May.


Blogarita said...

I'm not an Idol fan, and especially not on the nights it keeps House, M.D from being on. ;(

But have fun with the pool!

Weary Hag said...

Avid AI fan here!
So far, I say let's can this Sundance guy with the ever-so-odd last name. The guy has a voice but he doesn't have a whole world of control. Besides, clearly he's inconsistent as he sucked cow pie last night.

Now ... OHHH how I wish I lived closer to you and Dave to take part in the AI festivities. Great idea. Now if I had a friend, I might do that myself. For now, Ed and I (and sometimes SJ) just love glueing ourselves to the set for that show.

Love the idea of the pool too ... good luck with that!

Tug said...

Yeah, I missed the girls last night but wasn't that impressed with the guys...1st round and all, though, it's got to get better!

Mishka said...

I try not to watch it every once in a while get sucked into an episode, at least until a commercial comes and frees me.

Dave Morris said...

I wish people would wise up and just hand me the money. I have this pool sewn up tighter than a nun on easter.

Amandarama said...

So, have you smelled the cologne yet? Does it smell like angst and desperation with hints of patchouli?