Does anyone have any Pepto?

When I found out I was pregnant, I thought I was pretty much aware of all the dietary restrictions I would have to abide by for the next nine months or so.

I immediately voluntarily quit drinking caffeinated beverages and suffered slight withdrawal headaches for a couple of days, but, hey... this is for the baby, right?

I also gave up on steak with any tint of pink in it; the first time I ordered a steak, it wasn't cooked enough, so I politely asked for the waitress to have the cook throw it back on the grill for a few more minutes. When the steak was returned to me, it had the distinct rubbery taste of having been nuked in the microwave. Yum...

Then at the first doctor appointment, the nurse practioner suggested that I stay away from all fish. Not just the fish like shark, albacore tuna, or tilefish that contain high mercury content, but every type of fish - you know, just to be safe.

(She did, however, give me a prescription for a fish oil supplement, since DHA is good for a developing embryo/fetus... How's that for irony?)

I was then admonished at work for eating a roast beef sandwich for lunch. Apparently, lunch meat has nitrates, which are bad for the baby.

At the most recent doctor appointment, I was instructed to avoid any foods that have partially-hydrogenated oils. This includes most peanut butter and microwave popcorn.

Lucky for me, though, I don't really feel like I'm being restricted from much of anything, because although the food that I'm "allowed" to eat is an ever-dwindling list, none of it is appetizing, anyway. Or, if I do find something that is approved by the pregnancy diet, I eat it and then barf it up. Just thinking of eggs or ice cream makes me feel swirly.

I'm glad Mac & Cheese is on the approved list, because that is about the only thing that sounds digestable to me these days...

One fun side note, though - - I am experimenting with the various flavors of Freezoni's and Smoothies at the local QuikTrip. They make the whole vomiting experience lots more exciting, to see what those bright colors (pink, lime green, purple) make the rest of the food look like on the way up!!!


Bluepaintred said...

oh noes! Morning sickness, which in my experience, lasts all day, sicks the big one.

The best diet i ever went on was getting pregnant with my second baby. I lost 37 lbs during the first six months.

water made me throw up.

i hope it ends for you by the time you wake up tomorrow!

rosemary said...

Never had a sick pregnant day x's three. It is funny to me that I ate probably all of the stuff that is a big No-no now. Lunch meat, red meat, roast beef, loved canned tuna, did drink tea, sodas.....be a good woman and follow your doc's rules.

Paula said...

I feel for ya girl...sort of!! As far as the diet goes...I ate it all too and Ella turned out just fine!

Fantastagirl said...

I feel for you - I hope that your morning sickness gets better soon!

It's amazing how much the list has changed in just 4 years. Eat a well-balanced diet, you'll be fine.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Wow...so many rules!

Jen, Fred, Jennifer or Mom said...

WOW!!!! Now I know what is wrong with Charles!!!! THe peanut butter I ate and the transfats and the lunchmeat.......blahblahblah..... Ok listen Emily......Do not let this stuff drive you nutz....my mom was told not eat GRAPES, yep, ask her...when she was prego with one of us....dr. said it had too much sugar and would make her gain weight. GRAPES!!!

Anyhooo, eat healthy, don't drink alchohol or too much caffeine or overdo it on any one thing, once you are actually able to eat again, you and baby will be fine. Damn doctors......

p.s. for those of you that don't know, I am married to one, so I can say that!!! HA!

mckay said...

oh, puuuuleeeeeeasssse.

eat whatever appeals to you and you can keep down. bland foods in the first trimester are most appealing.

i asked my doc, and she said i could eat all the sushi i wanted. she did when she was preggers. i did in the second and third trimester at least once a week (only go to places that serve the freshest fish).

i have to tell you, my son is smart. really smart. i blame it on all the fish i ate. i didn't eat the sushi to make my baby smart. i just love the stuff. fish nutrients help the baby's brain form in the third trimester. maybe it's the luck of the draw, but he was playing gin rummy with me at age three.

basically every nurse and doc will have their own philosophy on this stuff. listen to who you want. read books that have a good rep and .....

do what you feel comfortable doing. you can apply this same concept to all the naggy butttinski's advice that'll surface as your munchkin grows.

trust your gut. how's that for pulling the comment full circle ;0)


now i'm off to see how big the baby is...can i be a virtual auntie??!

Tug said...

Yeah...I'm so glad I was pregnant before all the 'rules'. Ate what I wanted, when I wanted...and my daughter turned out just wonderful. Is it that there are more preservatives now? Or are docs just saving their butts just-in-case? Good luck...BEST WISHES. And last - hang in there, it'll all be SO worth it in the end!! ((hugs))

Blogarita said...

My favorite food when I was pregnant was everything. Especially Taco Bell (where I worked at the time), pizza buffet and salad bars. I would eat until it hurt. Also, lots of lemonade, which my doctor said was a common craving unless it caused heartburn. I say just try to eat healthy and follow your appetite.

BTW, Act II popcorn no longer has partially-hydrogenated oils. It's trans-fat free. :)