I Can't Promise Anything...

...but I will try not to become a complete and total "Mommy Blogger."

I won't titillate you with tales from the ob/gyn and I swear I won't share every little sh!t (I mean, poop) that Baby Morris makes.

I'll reserve those stories for my friends in person (ahem, Dr. Mike and Paula, since we've heard our share of your stories) and I'll keep them on my baby's website. (Speaking of which, if you'd like to read all about the first week of pregnancy, please feel free to click here and read all about it.)

But I have to tell you, I'm pretty excited. As somebody whose never felt the "need" for a child to complete my life, the prospect of becoming a parent with somebody who I love as much as I do Dave is pretty thrilling. (Scary, too... Okay, terrifying... But thrilling.)

In the meantime, though, please participate in the poll on the right sidebar: Do you think that Baby Morris will be a girl or a boy?


Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I don't care whether it's a boy or a girl, as long as it's a BLOGGER.

rosemary said...

I always wanted a new couch when I was pregnant....never got one. I'm gonna go vote now.

mckay said...

congratulations!!!!!!!!! i'm so glad you both are so happy and ready for this new phase of your lives.

you'll be a lovely pregger lady and a fabulous mom.

and i think it's funny that because i think you look like kate winslet i was actually suprised you don't have an english accent. LOL


Dave Morris said...

McKay, either Winslet, or in person, from time to time, Lisa Kudrow.

I'm as excited as you are, Em. You will be a fantastic Mom. I will be a fantastic Dad. And yet it's still a crap shoot how the baby will turn out... ;)

Amy said...

there is a website that you can go to and answer a few questions and it will "predict" the sex of your baby, i did a few "test" runs on it and it was accurate every time (for kids that had already been born) i'll try to find it and i send you the link. congrats to both of you.

Amy said...

i found it....

Ari said...

I feel another squee coming on! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

I know you guys will rock at this!

I LOVE the Baby Morris moniker, too. It's a title, like Dr. or Prime Minister.

Jen, Fred, Jennifer or Mom said...

and just WHAT is wrong with being a "Mommy Blogger" ? hmmmmm??????

yeah, I'm just teasing.......I am what I am, a smelly sock laundering, grocery shopping, mini van driving suburban soccer mom blogger....... I can give you pointers if ya want....HA!!!

hugs, em, you'll be fabulous!!!

Fantastagirl said...

uhm, I'm with jen, fred, jennifer or mom - Just what exactly is wrong with being a mommy blogger????

Just kidding - you'll be surprised at what stays the same and what changes - just enjoy all of it.

Eve said...

awesome, awesome journey.

As monumental as it is, down the road... you will forget the details.

Start journaling now.

The deep stuff, yes... but even the little stuff.

I'm so happy for you Em. Seriously, it is the hardest fucking thing that you will EVER do... but it will changes your life. And your purpose. And as scary as that is... it is freaking miraculous.

Soak it in babe. Seriously. There is NOTHING like it and it is a gift. A painful one that fucks up your bod, but a gift at that! ha ha