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Even those of you who officially don't watch clips on people's blogs should click on these, especially the first one... What an exciting time this is going to be!!

And, yes, I've already begun a website... Click here.


Traveling the World

Okay... Well, maybe not the world, but having just returned from Mexico, we are now (at 2:40 a.m., and well into our second bottle of wine) visiting a good friend of Dave's (also named Dave, only the last name is Steele) in beautiful Youngstown (okay, Poland) Ohio...

God, can I just tell you that hanging with two voiceover guys is freakin' the time of my life!!!! Dave Steele is now playing samples of his voiceover work for (my) Dave... And examples of his outtakes, which, I have to admit, are pretty funny.

(Hang on, I need to refill my glass of wine. We quickly went through a bottle of Marquee Shiraz and I'm now finishing off the last bit of Gnarly Head Old Vine Zin... After the eight hour drive, not counting the time change, wine is a welcome relief.)

So, I apologize for not keeping up on commenting on other blogs and updating my own. Summer has been a wonderful experience so far, and I have been spoiled. Instead of reading blogs and the Internet, I've been gardening and reading. Since we left for Mexico, I've finished Middlesex (recommended by Blogarita), The Starter Wife, and The Memory Keeper's Daughter. Next on the list: The Devil Wears Prada. All of these are compliments of (my new addiction) to Bookmooch.com.

Okay, the boys are now listening to the narration of Dr. Suess' How the Grinch Stole Christmas (in which I narrated the part of Cindy Lou Who) that Dave and I made for Ella (Dr. Mike and Paula's baby) and Dave Steele just opened an $800 bottle of Grand Marnier that he told us was for his (now 5-year-old daughter's) wedding. Goind to be a fun (and rather intoxicated) weekend. Beautiful.

Thinking of you all now... I promise I will be around over the next couple of days to read and catch up on everyone's blogs.

Word... To your motha...


Loving Summer...

Happy 4th of July...

Since we've been back from vacation, I have stayed in vacation mode. Lackadaisical and unconcerned, I went the entire day yesterday doing "stuff," yet still managing to be almost entirely unproductive. Don't you love those days?

I'm messing around with trying to make a DVD for everyone of our photos from Mexico... Anyone have any experience with the Studio Ten Pinnacle program? Progress is slow going for me because my tolerance for frustration is pretty low. (Plus, I'm a procrastinator.) I'm not sure if I'm having a direct problem with the computer, the program, or the way the program installed itself on the computer.

Other big news... I've been accepted to go back to school to earn (a second) master's degree in Counseling and Family Therapy. After this master's, I'll be able to work as a licensed professional counselor with kids and their families plus I'll be halfway to earning my doctorate and being able to call myself an actual "psychologist." Hopefully, I'll be able to open my own practice one day. How cool would that be? I'll be starting classes in the fall and can't wait. I'll be taking classes and still working full time, so I'll be having a pretty busy schedule.**

Other than that, not much is going on. I'm going to try to make the rounds to everyone's blogs to catch up on what all has been happening lately.

**Dave is the greatest guy in the whole world! He has been so encouraging and positive about the whole idea of me going back to school and the application process... How lucky am I??