Ronda is harassing me for a new post, so I'll humor her and put one up...

I found this other other day when I was cleaning out a gift bag of stuff I got around Christmas time:

CHOCOLATE!!! Score!!!

Chocolate should still be good seven months later, right? I went ahead and took off the snowman's head and pulled out a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. After removing the wrapper and checking out the enclosed candy, I decided it looked edible. I popped it into my mouth.

Unfortunately, the person who gave this to me included mint-flavored Hershey's Kisses in the mix. I am not a big fan of mint-flavored anything and the mint Kisses had infected all of the surrounding chocolates. Something about the combination of chocolate + peanut butter + mint that didn't quite seem right to me.

It is hard to admit my level of disappointment.

I tossed the candy but kept the snowman... It is something else that Dave and I can eventually put into our storage unit.


Blogarita said...

Sparky gets so much candy at various holidays that we buy hardly any ourselves. I was hoping to make it until Halloween, but it looks like we'll be out in a few days and I'll have to buy some.

Or I could just wait it out. Nah, that's a crazy idea.

Charlie's Moppy said...

Hey you promised a real post!

What a chocolate bummer!


Dave Morris said...

I just can't get over the fact that you hate mint. It's like a cool explosion in your mouth! Besides, that means you can never take advantage of restraunts' free candy offerings on the way out...


Fantastagirl said...

I love mint. So I think it would have still been edible. But, then again, I LOVE chocolate.

Don't put the snowman in storage, either regift, or give to goodwill.