The Abandoned Blog

Dear Blog...

I have to apologize for my neglectful nature over the past four months. Although, of course, this neglect didn't just occur overnight. Over the past year or more, I must feel that we've slowly grown more distant. You were needy, I felt too much pressure, and so I began to withdraw. I found other newer and flashier things to occupy my precious computer time... I know that it is a touchy subject, but Facebook and the ability to post in a single sentence seemed so much more efficient.

Then, tonight, I felt a wave of nostalgia. The familiar picture at the top of the page brought a smile to my face. I scanned through post after post, laughing at some, becoming wistful after others, and loving the photos and stories that I was able to share through you. I realized that I missed taking the time to create a post to share with my friends and the opportunity to actually write about something, anything, whether mundane or life-changing.

I must admit that you are often on my mind. Often, I have a quick thought - "Oh, that would make a great blog post!" But, by the time I have a chance to take a seat at my computer, I'm consumed with writing a paper for class or scoping the net for a new job. Not to add into the fact that little Sparky is no longer extremely keen on allowing Mommy to have computer time.

But, no more excuses. While I can't promise to be here everyday, I'm going to take the time nurture you back to health. A regular post now and then, with an update about Sparky or some nuance that I have to share will be good. I like to memorialize events here... It was a nice time to look back through the older posts and remember the good times. I hope that we can continue where we left off.



Charlie's Moppy said...

Welcome back!!

rosemary said...

Whew...finally. I was lurking about peeking at you through Dave's blog....he doesn't know me. I'm glad you are back. Your boy is beautiful. I am not a FB kinda lady....I am more of a bloggy journal type. So, I look forward to your posting again and I bet Sparky is no longer in that playpen.

Mishka said...

Good to see you back...and you know you can feed your blog into your Facebook notes so you are killing two birds with one stone...this way, people that would never come to my blog normally can read my posts on FB and I only have to write the stuff once...haha. This is not to say that I don't spend way too much time on FB anyhow...haha.