...for Warmth...

sitting by the fire.
a stranger's smile.
unsolicited help.
a cup of steaming tea.
wrapped in a fuzzy blanket.
my son's palm in mine.

...for Change...

being challenged.
always learning.
a new house.
adding to our family.

...for Love...



rosemary said...

Thankful for you as a blog friend....whether you read my blog or not....

rosemary said...

I thought about what I wrote here as I was making seventeen things at once for dinner. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts. You are a talented writer. I have done the Facebook thing here and there but I am not a one liner kind of person....I don't think you are either. At some point in time some, if not all, of your posts will provide a platform for perhaps a published work....because that's what "they" say makes the best book...writing about what you know. I am glad you are back if infrequently. As for reading my blog....I write for me and for my children so they are more a part of these years in Idaho away from them,; not the numbers, not the comments....but I hope when you do visit you enjoy sharing my life.

Sikes Family said...

Very nice. Hope all is well at the new house.

rosemary said...

merry Christmas to you and your family. May 2010 bring blessings to you, Dave, Sparky and the new baby.