Wet Paint

The hardest part about going to the nail salon is choosing the color to use. It can be a pretty big decision that you'll have to live with for at least the next two weeks of your life. So much of it depends on your mood: Flirty or conservative? Risky or innocent?

When I first began getting my nails done, I kind of laughed to myself when I would see women trying to choose their color. First, they'd seriously consider their options. Choosing one bottle of color, they'd pick it up and shake it vigorously. They'd hold it out at arm's length, perhaps against their other hand to try to imagine what it would look like. Finally, they turn the bottle upside-down to check the name of the color.

I could understand pretty much the whole routine up until the point that they looked at the name of the color. What difference does the name of the color make? But, now I'm a total name-of-color junkie. If I don't like the name of the color, I don't choose it.

Today, I am wearing "Don't Socra-tease Me." I liked the sound of that. Kind of a "don't insult my intelligence" type of theme. If I had been naming the colors, I probably would've called it "Cranberry and Vodka" since it almost perfectly matched my last night's drink of choice.

My favorite nail color is called "I'm Not Really A Waitress." I choose this color probably about every third time I go into the salon.

Other real nail colors' names that I've seen:
"Bikini with a Martini" for those relaxing days on the beach
"Fishnet Stockings" when you're going for "hooker"
"Well Proportioned" just in case people weren't sure
"Trailer Trash" for when you're watching NASCAR
"Meet Balls" don't ask...

I guess it's kind of like judging a book by its cover. "Meet Balls" might be a very nice, warm tone for somebody's nails... but not mine!

P.S. I found an interesting article regarding the names that companies choose for flavors/colors/etc. and how they choose them.
Check it out.


Dave Morris said...

Hey, where are the photography credits on this entry?????????

I think a good color name would be "Trying To Be Something I'm Not."

Violet said...


Please allow me to give the "mad street cred" to Dave, who not only took the picture, but also made the trip out to the car to retrieve the camera when we realized that the drink matched my nails.

That better?

Ari said...

Color choice is a stressful moment! What I hate is when you pick one and then as you're sitting in the chair with soapy water swirling around your feet, you decide you'd rather have something else, and then you're stuck with it because you don't want to be an ass.