Television in America

- Today after work, I was flipping through the channels and came across "Star Trek: The Next Generation" on Spike TV. I was transported to my adolescent years when some of the only quality time my dad and I spent together was on Saturday nights when we would stay up late and watch TNG and SNL episodes. My question is: Was TNG always so contrived and poorly acted?

- At work today, the topic of conversation was last night's "Grey's Anatomy" season finale. If one had simply walked into the conversation and not known what it was about, it would have seemed that they were talking about their dear friends and co-workers. I am soooo sad about Denny. Can you believe that she was making out with that guy in the closet? Do you think that they're really in love? Come on people! It is a television show!

- My theory about American Idol: The producers needed Chris Daughtry voted off the show in order to make the final episodes more interesting and make it seem as though it is anybody's game. With Chris out, it evens the playing field. Chris will be successful outside of American Idol. The three that are left probably won't be remembered three years from now unless they win the show.

- Remember the book "Fahrenheit 451"? Sometimes I think that may be the direction our society is headed. This is our life.

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Dave Morris said...

Yeah Star Trek is far cheesier now than it was "back then." Maybe we were simply more forgiving.