Tired of all the same old diet plans? Atkins, South Beach, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, none of which ever seem to give you the results you want quickly enough and require you to actually watch what you eat AND exercise?

Well, here's you solution:

FP2ooo uses the power of food poisoning (without the trouble of eating at every Mexican and Chinese restaurant in town) to help you lose weight.
You could lose 15-20 pounds in as little as a week and a half!
Simply take FP2000 anytime of the day and wait for it to begin to work its magic. Not only will you not be able to eat for days, but you'll lose weight simply through dehydration and evacuation of your bowels!!
Your friends will be telling you how great you look with your recent weight loss. Just think how great you'll feel when you can say, "It's all thanks to FP2000!"
Available in Salmonella, Shigellosis, and now Campylobacter!
Doctors agree that FP2000 is an effective way to lose weight fast!
*It is recommended that you have a bathroom nearby once you take FP2000.


Blogarita said...

A friend of mine picked up some of that when she went to Cancun. I think it was the E. coli variety.

paula said...

I don't recommend the product. 2 Years ago I spent 2 months on the couch with what we think was food poisoning from a chinese resturant....I did lose 20lbs though....hmmmm...On second thought maybe I will try that after the baby is born!!

Dave Morris said...

Paula, I talked you into going to the chinese place, and I feel bad about it.

But you're welcome for the weight loss. ;)

Ari said...

Sometimes bulemia doesn't seem so bad. :) Although I hear that if you brainwash yourself to "remember" that some food makes you sick, you'll be less likely to eat it.