Saturday Night

How often in our lives do we actually show people our true selves? How often do we open up and allow another human to know our secrets, our fears, our goals? How often do we find somebody that we can truly trust?

And what do we do when we find that the person to whom we've given ourself no longer chooses to be in that role?

How long does it take us to heal? To realize that perhaps there is somebody else in the world who might be willing to take the understudy position and that we may not have any other choice but to cast that person? Because our first choice got tired of saying all the lines we wanted to hear...

How long does it take to realize that we, ourselves, may end up being somebody else's second best?


Pam said...

hey..nice blog..
I just wanted to ask you..how did u get the picture on the top?

Dave Morris said...

It's different for different people. For me, it's been at least three. Some more, some less.

Nichole said...

Havent read your blog in awhile, how ironic it is to stumble accross this particular one.

I have no idea how long it takes to heal. It's not like you can just forget about 8 1/2 years that easily. It's not like you can just stop loving someone after that long.

I guess in the words of Celine Dion "My Heart will go on."

Love ya!
call me!