Animation Overload

Marketing for pharmaceutical companies has changed in recent years. The most recent (and disturbing) trend that I've noticed is the integration of animation into these ads.

I mean, seriously.

For example:
The Nasonex Bee:
Promotes an allergy medication.

Connection to product: Bees spread pollen from flowers. Many people are allergic to pollen. People who are allergic to pollen might need Nasonex.

Overall effectiveness: Three out of five sneezes. But can somebody please explain to me why the bee speaks with a Mexican accent?

The Mucinex Mucus:
Promotes a decongestant.

Connection to product: People with a cold need a decongestant to clear the mucus from their sinuses in order to be able to breathe.

Overall effectiveness: Two out of five sneezes. If mucus could talk, is this really what it would look like? And why does Mr. Mucus have a bride? Yuck...

The Lamisil... Gremlin???
Promotes an anti-fungal treatment for toenails.

Connection to product: Toenail fungus is gross. This little creature is gross.

Overall effectiveness: Zero out of five sneezes. Come on! If their is some little gross thing crawling underneath my toenail, I'm getting the thing amputated. Screw Lamisil!

EDIT: Since posting this approximately five minutes ago, I have already been approached by several pharmaceutical companies requesting my assistance in developing some new ad campaigns. They would like suggestions about what meds need animated mascots and what those mascots should be. Any ideas?


MIA said...

That's why generic companies rock. We don't spend all our money on that crap and make you pay for it. Great job for bringing attention to it!

Anonymous said...

I guess Mr Mucinex married a snotty bride.

Anonymous said...

No suggestions, but I love the commercial (Imitrex, I think) where they lady whomps the shit out of the migraine animation. Anytime someone kicks migraine ass, it's a good thing.

Anonymous said...

I've gotta tell you...


It's so fuking strange, in a gross way, that how could you not?

I'm giving it five sneezes..

deal with it. ;)


Pepper Medley said...


Great post! The bee with the Mexican accent has bothered me for a while.

I have two theories:

It's supposed to be one of those angry killer bees from South America that was supposed to wipe out Texas in the early 80's, but never made it across the border (who said the borders weren't secure?) so it needed a job after it lost 'street cred' with the other domesticated insects.


There was an intern at the ad agency who said, "you know what would make this even better? An accent. Our data analysis shows that women, the primary buyers of brand pharmaceuticals, love accents." I'm pretty sure he never had street cred with women or domesticated insects.

I have no answers, but it's a great question.

LBseahag said...

This guy makes me want toenail fungus in a bad way...

wonder what the herpes mascot looks like?

Mom of Three said...

You know, these are DRUGS, and they put these cutesy little Nick-Park-Inspired characters on them while, in the background they're saying, as fast as they can, "This product may cause drowsiness, dry skin, anal warts, bleeding eyeballs, deformed progeny, extreme debt or bilateral stroke."

Shane said...

For Depends they could have "Dexter the Talking Adult Diaper". That would be great.

Here's the little accompanying ditty: "When you dribble during bingo night / It doesn't have to be a fright / Just slip me on before you go / And nobody will ever know!"

Available at Walgreen's nationwide.


Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Interesting observation. I think Viagra should have an animal spokesman. How about a ram?

NuggetMaven said...

I think anyone who relies upon a CARTOON for their pharmaceutical advice, deserves what they get.

Be that as it may, I work with someone who absolutely is over the moon in love with that Digger the dermatophyte.

To each their own...

Yeah, him. said...

Personification is a wonderful thing - especially with viruses and pesky insects that screw with our psyches and physiological states. Maybe if we went 1 step further and put real faces on them (Osama, Kim Jong Il, Saddam, etc.) we could really arouse some emotions out of people in using the medications to fight off evil dictator diseases.

Linda said...

You know, I can't watch the Lamisil fungus commercials...I just get SKEEVED OUT when that little gremlin lifts up the toenail and crawls in...I gotta weird thing with my toes....eeeek!