We cross bridges everyday.

Sometimes we cross them knowingly, eager to reach the other side.
Leaving old (ideas-thoughts-failures-doubts) behind
Hoping a new foundation on which to build will be found just beyond its bounds.

The waters below can look turgid and harsh,
Churning and reminding us of of the scaffold's potential inefficiency.

Maybe it is better to stay... Is the risk worth the reward?

(Without bridges) We'd be trapped.
(Without bridges) We'd be stagnant.
(Without bridges) We'd be islands.

Sometimes you just have to take a deep breath and go
Trust that (hopes-ambitions-goals-life) are waiting patiently just across the waters.

* Photo and poem by Violet, 2006.


LBseahag said...

Thats awesome...very creative...thought-provoking...

however, you forgot to mention the three Billy Goats Gruff and the weirdo troll who wouldn't let em cross...

LBseahag said...

btw....you are becoming one of my favorite bloggers...

what a kissass am i...

Dave Morris said...

And don't forget, all of life's bridges are TOLL bridges, and I never have the correct change.

Mom of Three said...

I live in a city of bridges, none of them toll at this point, because when Oregon pays off their bridges they actually do what they say and REMOVE the toll takers! We have the huge, choppy, wierd Astoria-Meglar bridge which looks like a new designer got it at every phase. But it's paid for, baby!

You know the Golden Gate is $5 one way? How can people afford to do anything but BART there???