Green Thumb, 911!

We came home from the store with something that looked like this:

What we have now is something pretty much exactly like this:

Lessons learned:

1. Poinsettias need water.

2. They don't like to be next to a fireplace while it is burning.

Who knew?


Violet said...
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Blogarita said...

I think that's the Poinsettia of Christmas Past.

Polyman3 said...

Good. I hate poinsettias. Maybe I just ate too many petals
when I was a kid.

Whenever a friend of mine bought a new houseplant home, we would bet on how long it would take for his wife to kill it.

bugsbutt said...

I'm sorry. I did something similar to a bonsai tree once.

Fantastagirl said...

every single plant that enters my home looks like that within 4 weeks - the sad thing - I used to work in a floral shop, you would think I learned something....

aka_Meritt said...

Which is why the white pointsettias next to my fireplace... are fake.