Caption Contest

To help get us all in the spirit for the Super Bowl, how about a little caption contesting fun?

Winner to receive
one leftover can Pabst Blue Ribbon from last football season.


Mr. Fabulous said...

"Oh God. Mommy..."

Mishka said...

"Now, that is what I call a close up."

Tug said...

#5, ensuring that his blind mama at home can see him on camera.

PBR...wow. hee hee

Dave Morris said...

"Since becoming a photographer, Larry's nightmares had become increasingly troublesome. Fortunately, he would always wake up just before impact."

I know that sucks, but it's all I got.

Uncle Mikey said...

PlaYaH #5 was trying to cop a cheap feel by running out of bounds into the chear leaders, but his plan backfired when he was challenged by a camera man with bigger black equipment than his own.