Thoughts for a Thursday Morning

Thank god that the stupid Patriots are not going to be in the Super Bowl again. I think they should make a limit on Super Bowl wins for teams... You know, like the President can't be elected for more than two terms, so football teams shouldn't be able to win more than two Super Bowls within a ten year period. Just like the Dallas Cowboys in the early 90's, the Patriots have worn out their welcome at the big game... at least for the time being.

On that note, I am pleased with both of the teams that made it to the game. I have to say that I am kind of pulling for the Colts to win. I like the Bears, too, but I would really love to see Peyton Manning get the win.

But, the best part about it is that no matter who wins, it won't be the freakin' Patriots.

This past Sunday was my mom's birthday. I invited the family (including both of my divorced parents) over to the house for dinner. The menu included: Salad, Beef Roast, Steamed Asparagus, Rice Casserole (Grandma's secret recipe, which I memorized on Christmas), and, of course, Birthday Cake.

This was actually the first time that I'd been in charge of cooking a full meal for my family. I've cooked lots for friends, but between college, living at my mom's house, residing out of the area, and living in a tiny apartment that wouldn't have enough room to host everyone anyway, I've never played host for my own family. I've helped cook and even made lasagna for the family at my mom's house before, but it has never been just my show.

Everything went perfectly. But, the coolest thing for me was that my dad seemed really impressed with the meal. Like, I think he was surprised that the menu didn't consist of Easy Mac or burgers on the grill. I've struggled my whole life to get my dad to see me as an individual who, although the choices I've made haven't necessarily been the ones he wanted me to make, is successful and competent.

Amazing that being able to know when to pull a roast out of the oven helped him to realize that just a little bit more.

Dave and I watched SNL on Saturday night and made a realization. Everybody talks about how Saturday Night Live just isn't the same and isn't as funny as it used to be. But, we have a theory the SNL is just as funny as it has always been.

It is just that people aren't smoking as much pot.


So, Dave and I bought our PowerBall tickets last night. I haven't checked yet to see if our numbers match or not... I'd rather let the dream that we could be multi-millionaires last just a little bit longer.

240 million dollars! Can you imagine? Well, we'd probably take the cash option, which would cut it in about half, then we'd have to pay 1/3 of it in taxes, but, still, 80 million dollars! What the hell would we do with all that money? Well, first, we would split it with Dr. Mike, Paula, and Mikey, since we that was the deal we made on Tuesday night. But then, we still each have approximately $16 millioni each....

People always say that they would keep working... Haha... Yeah, right. I would probably finish out the remainder of my current contract at my job, but there's not a freakin' chance in hell that I'd go back to work after that! I'd get a house on the beach and one in the mountains and travel and write and work out... What a life. At some point in the future, if all of that stuff got boring, I might go ahead and open a little coffee shop or something. I'd hire people to run it, but it would give me something to do... but, I'd get to make my own schedule, of course.

Talking with some friends the other night about the possibility of winning the lottery, the topic came up revenge. I mean, think of the people you could screw with if you had 80 million bucks lying around! I don't know that there is anyone in my life that I resent enough to need revenge, but the thought that I could if I wanted to is nice. Maybe just a little prank here or there for some of the people who get under my skin... What do you think? Would there be anyone you'd want to pay back for things they'd done? What would you do to them?

Word of the Day: Contumacious - (Adj.) Persistantly, willfully, or overtly defiant of authority.

Throw that one on your kids when they won't listen: "Would you stop being so damn contumacious!!!" They'll be so confused over what you're talking about, they'll forget why they were being stubborn.


Mishka said...

I think if I won the lottery, I would be able to volunteer more and give money more to the places that I want to give and can't afford now. I would do all the other stuff you mentioned too (minus the revenge...haha) but I think that helping others would be on the list as well.

Sounds like you had a good party...wish we lived near family, it would be fun. It reminds me though, I need to cook some food for a friend of mine that just got out of the hospital...she probably thinks I am such a flake right now.

Dave Morris said...

Response for a Thursday Morning:

1 - You are so dead on about the Patriots. Tired of Brady. Tired of "Brewski." (whose name isn't even spelled close to brewski, he has stretched the pronunciation just to sound cool) While they are a great team, they are still overrated.

2 - That meal was really great. You are a superb cook. Not to mention you look good in that apron. ;) Your Dad IS, and SHOULD BE, proud. Although if it's only important to know when to pull the meat out, I'm not too shabby myself. ;) again.

3 - That's why SNL hasn't been very funny since high school.

4 - I would totally hire an attorney and start screwing with people. I'm SURE you know who I would start with...

I haven't decided if I'd quit working. I'd definitely let contracts run out with some of my clients, others I would keep. The first thing I'd do is set up an investment strategy. Second, I would pay off all debt. Third, I would pay off the mortgages of family and a few select friends. Fourth, I would plan a 30-day vacation, which would include Europe and Fiji or Tahiti. After that, who knows.

5 - Please, may I encourage the return of Violet's Anomalous Lexicon??

Blogarita said...

If Dave means that he wants you to keep using them there $5 words, then I reckon I agree.

blakbyrd797 said...

"I've struggled my whole life to get my dad to see me as an individual who, although the choices I've made haven't necessarily been the ones he wanted me to make, is successful and competent."

I can so sympathize! Maybe I should try the ole' rabbit, er, roast trick sometime.

I DEFINITELY would not go back to work if I won the lottery. I actually blogged about this fairly recently, and not even while on the topic of large monetary windfalls; just as a general statement about my attitude towards work.

Oh, and, HI there! I came over from Dave's Window and have been enjoying the lemonade ever since.

Yeah, him. said...

We'll let your football thoughts slide since you're a Cardinals fan.

Gotta love Mark Mulder and Adam Kennedy coming back to the redbirds...

Jen, Fred, Jennifer or Mom said...

I LOVE the word!!! LOVE IT!!! And with all these boys I will DEFINETLY be using it soon.....Thanks!!!