Thursday Night Weblog

For a rare occurrence, I'm going to use the blog for what it was actually intended: a log of websites (web-log) that I think my readers might find of interest.

"Duke grad builds beer tossing fridge"
Contraption can launch 10 cans before needing a reload
  • Hellllllooooo! We sooo need one of these. I mean, seriously, Bill and Doug... Can we make this happen?

"Snakes (almost) on a plane — 2,400 of them"
'Slithering sounds' heard by cargo workers; snakes were meant for diners

  • Dude, someone's trying to ship snakes on this m*th$r f#ck!ng plane! Who eats snakes, I mean, really? Gross! Do you think that the workers who heard the snakes would have thought anything was out of sorts if it were not for Samuel L. Jackson in this movie?

Ms. Pac-Man turns 25! The "femme fatale of the game world."

  • Feminists, rejoice! From changing the original fourth ghosts name from 'Clyde' to 'Sue,' Ms. Pac-Man has shown that she is Ms. Independent. The 25th anniversary of her inception is a tribute to the progress that women have made in the world, from video-gaming to doing what the hell we want to do when we want to do it!


Tug said...

I LOVE the beer fridge idea... would STROKE.OUT on that plane... & Ms. Pacman? Still one of my faves to this day. NICE.

Dave Morris said...

Ms. Pacman told me she's tired of being the one doing all the eatin'...

Just saying.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Ms. Pacman? I hear she puts out.

Amandarama said...

Mr. Scoop wants a keggerator (I suspect he's jealous of my wine fridge), but I would imagine a fridge that actually launches the can might also win a place in his heart.

blakbyrd797 said...

Happy Birthday Ms. Pacman! Entertaining article. Funny, I turned 25 the same week...

Sue has always been my favorite. We needed a girly ghost.