Everyone Needs a Mini-Me...

Throughout the baby-item-registering ordeal, Dave and I found the perfect little outfit that we knew Sparky would just have to have. Dave's typical spring/summer uniform is some type of variation of the following:

I think Dave is thrilled at the prospect of having a little clone. Like father, like son. Soon, we are going to have a little miniature Dave running around here. Only, hopefully, he will drink less scotch.


We've also had the joy of attending childbirth classes over the last couple of weeks. Between watching videos of births from the late-80's and early-90's (who knew giving birth could be such a hairy and squishy ordeal?) and practicing breathing throughout imaginary contractions (hee-hee-hoo), Dave tried on The Empathy Belly.

Doesn't he look maternal?


On another note, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that this is the second time that I've posted within two weeks - an infrequent feat for me these days. (No applause needed... No seriously... Oh, you're too much!)

I happened to look back through some of my old blog posts today and found myself laughing. I really enjoy blogging and hope to try to set aside some more time in the near future to do it. I miss reading everyone's humorous or thought-provoking or petulant postings.

While I can't promise that a lot of them won't revolve around the upcoming birth of our son, I do intend to at least post more often. If nothing else, it is nice to be able to look back and remember what I was thinking/feeling/doing at a previous time in my life.


Paula said...

Love the Belly Dave!!

Blogarita said...

Please don't let Sparky wear black socks with his sandals, though.

Dave Morris said...

Look, that was a dark time of my life. Dark. You know, like the socks.

Blogarita, you're lucky to even KNOW about that event, so cherish being in "the circle!" ;)

Chris Johnson said...

Love the mini me outfit!! Very cute...I agree with blogarita, please no black socks and sandals.

Dave has some nice cones in the 2nd picture.

rosemary said...

good to cut back on the scotch...for both of your men.

very fetching look with the madonna boobs.

Just glad you blog ...period.

Amandarama said...

You can send any Scotch you need to cut back on in the house to me :)
Especially if it's single malt!

The mini-me outfit is adorable!

Fantastagirl said...

The mini-me outfit is too cute!

Jen, Fred, Jennifer said...

ok, that pic of Dave with the boobs is just scary!!!

Diana said...

Love the little outfit! So cute!! :o)
Picture of Dave....I agree with Jen....scary...

mckay said...

glad to know you'll be posting more. these blogs are an interesting way to journal our lives and capture our quirky thoughts.

and, yes, i concur. the mini-me outfit is a hoot.