So, for the second time in two weeks, I've been to a surprise party. One for my friend Sarah's 30th birthday bash; today to Karen's 60th.

Both times, I've missed the "SURPRISE" part of the party.

Last time, I was "rolling the dice," when Sarah arrived at her party and was so shocked and happy that she started crying. ("Rolling the dice" is our euphemism for using one of these, if you care to know.) Today, I was inside dealing with a fussy Sparky, who seemed to be unhappy about being outside in the hot weather, when Karen realized the party was not for her granddaughter but actually for her.

Oh, well... All in the name of motherhood, right?


Tug said...

HOW ADORABLE!! What a sweetie...so glad that you are enjoying his little Sparkiness!

Charlie's Moppy said...

Thank you for all your well wishes!! I hope we can see you and Grayson again soon!

Sarah said...

cute pic. Oh and I can get emotional and cry for you anytime!

rosemary said...

That is one sweet baby.....Thankfully I never had to use "honkers" for my hooters.

Ari said...

I concur with Sparky: hot weather brings on da fussiness.