Have you seen these gas prices?

$3.39 a gallon? Are they serious? What kind of quality are we getting if we are paying less than $4.00 a gallon for gas?

I'm calling on everyone to go and fill up your tanks tomorrow! If everyone in the whole country does this, then the gas companies will know that we need gas, we need the good stuff, and we refuse to pay any less than top dollar for it!

Take that, Exxon Mobil!


Blogarita said...

What'll they do next!? Start checking our oil and washing our windshields?

Dave Morris said...

Blogarita, shhhhhhhh! Violet doesn't know you're supposed to check your oil.

Chris Johnson said...

Check your oil!?! Is that what the 0% on my cars computer means?

Charlie's Moppy said...

Guess I had the real good stuff last week... in Michigan I was paying $3.87.

rosemary said...

Come to Idaho....we still have the good stuff at $4.02....i gonna go get me some right now before they switch to the crap where you live. Oil in what?