Dave tasted what?!?

We've started Sparky on some rice cereal this week. He's already practically a pro, although sometimes he prefers to play with his bib instead of eating.

Last night, Daddy was feeding the Sparkster while I was at class. He told me this morning that he tasted the rice cereal that he was feeding the baby and that it didn't taste too bad.

I asked: "Did you make the cereal with breastmilk?"

Then, I watched as Dave had a moment of clarity. His eyes got wide as he realized that he had, indeed, ingested breastmilk mixed with the cereal.

Dave tasted breastmilk! Dave tasted breastmilk!

I haven't given him too much trouble about it. But, I'll be sure to hang onto this one, in case I need ammunition in the future.

On another note, watch the video below to watch Sparky hanging out in his Exersaucer. He is just getting so good at exploring everything. It is amazing to see him make visible progress every single day. Plus, he is just damn cute!


Dave Morris said...

When you asked me that, I swear I blacked out.

random moments said...

Bwaahaaha!! Dave tasted breastmilk!

Oh I just hope to GOD Jason does something like this when its our turn for kiddos. :)

The Sparkster has the most precious pouty lips. Love how he doesn't take his eyes off you!

Blogarita said...

Ha! This post made my day...both because Sparky is so cute, and because Dave tasted breastmilk!

Alice said...

Ooooh Sparky has gotten SO big!! He looks like a little man...

rosemary said...

given sparky's love of that round noise thing....I'm betting he will like the slots when he gets bigger. and he is damn cute that's for sure.

Tug said...

Oh, I LOVE this age - do you need a babysitter (in Colorado)?

I've never tried breastmilk so I can't say for sure, but I'm thinking a cold beer would taste better Dave. ;-)

beana said...

if you feed it to your kid it can be all that bad! come on dave- you get extra real man points for that if you ask me!!

and the video is soo cute- every time i see him he has a new skill ( spinny toy skill, pulling thingy skill, high five finger skill!)

Ari said...

Most parents are biased, but this video is proof! Sparky IS damn cute!