A coke, with a side of Midol, please!

Notice the label for this post: TMI!

But, for those moms out there, you'll understand... I haven't had cramps like this since June of '07! (Well, not counting labor pains, but you know what I mean.)

I've got the major lower back pain and the caffeine cravings and even had a slight bit of the typical irritability within the past couple of days. (Can you tell I was feeling a little fiesty with my most recent blog post?)

With all the pregnancy and breastmilk production, I've officially gone fifteen months without Aunt Flo visiting. I'll admit - It has been kinda nice.

I guess I've got a couple of potential solutions:

  • Get pregnant again.
  • Enter menopause.
  • Stock up on Midol.
  • Blog about it.

I guess I'm going with the last two options for now.

Oh, and just for Dave's sake: "Mucous plug!"


Blogarita said...

Me? I need a super sweet vanilla Coke from Sonic.

But I have to say, the cramps were much better after I had Artsy. They really didn't come back until a few years ago. Dammit.

rosemary said...

Gee, I feel really bad for you.....I'm 63, had a hysterectomy in my 30's. If i had only saved all of the money I would have spent on feminine products I'd be rich.

Dave Morris said...

Any bloody show yet? (throwing up a little in my mouth)

Anonymous said...

orgasm is excellant for menstrual cramps. trust me, it works.