Vapid much?*

Anybody else notice the similarities?

Watch this video, whether you are Republican, Democrat, or whatever and tell me that this is the person that you want to be the next V.P. of the U.S.

Ummm... Sarah? Honey? Have you ever met with one of the leaders of those countries? What about the states that border Mexico? And when Putin enters your "airspace," just what do you propose to do about it?

Listen, I'm all about feminism and electing a woman to the highest office in the land. But to elect a woman simply because she has a va-jay-jay? Don't think so!

And, by the way, McCain? Grow some balls and freakin' show up to the debate.


rosemary said...

I watched Jay Leno the other night and he had Wanda Sykes on. She was hysterical and said something to the effect....Sarah won't be caring for those kids a Nanny will....Wanda doesn't want her taking care of those kids, she should be taking care of the country....and then she did a demo of Sarah on the phone with Vladimir and having the baby say hello to him. I am sorry, but the woman is either such an airhead that she thinks she can fake her way thru this or so arrogant that she thinks the same. Either way, hopefully she is in for a wake up call. As for the debate...McCain is in over his 73 year old head. He can't wing it saying his name. I was surprised he wanted town hall meeting formats.

Blogarita said...

I agree. Hillary, has she been on the Democratic ticket as either the Presidential or Vice-Presidential candidate, would have had my support. But to elect Palin would be a huge step backward, not just for women, but for all of us.

Jennifer said...

You made my husband's day with this post!

Beth said...

Oh, I love watching the Miss S. Carolina video. It makes me laugh out loud every time!!