Not even lying...

As I went to post an ad on Craigslist this morning, here is a picture of my word verification:

It's a bird... It's a plane... No - It's the Caped Polygamist! Curious about special powers? Just use your imagination.... Haha... Does anyone else find this funny but me?


We watched the Mizzou vs. Kansas game yesterday. What a heartbreaker. I always feel so bad for those kids - basically, because that's what they are: kids. They go out there and there is so much pressure on them. For the Mizzou team, within the first weeks of the season, the expectation was set for them to go undefeated. I just imagine what it must feel like for these young guys the day after a game they were "supposed" to win. Must be really hard on them.


Christmas is showing around our house. We got both trees up over the weekend and hopefully will be able to keep Sparky out of them. So far, it hasn't been too bad.

And - as an new precedent, Dave & I got up on "Black Friday" and went shopping. We figured since we are up before seven o'clock on a normal day anyway, it couldn't hurt to see if we could catch a few deals. We were successful in getting a few things bought and were home before ten a.m. Can't beat that!


Blogarita said...

Too funny!

I say you should send that screen shot into "The Best of Craigslist".

And Clay says it's probably better than the uncaped polygamist.

The Comeback Kid said...

Pressure shmessure. They should've won. I guess I feel bad for them, but I dunno. I'm still thawing out from freezing yesterday at Arrowhead while watching them repeatedly hand the game away to the chickenhawks. God I hate kansas.

rosemary said...

I have noticed weird letter configurations with blogger too....I had kept a list of them and was going to post about them but someone beat me to it. You got up on Black Friday? Brave.

Dave Morris said...

The trees look really good this year.

And let's not consider our foray into Black Friday a "precedent," I'd really rather not do it again. Although we didn't do it like MOST do it. We wandered out after breakfast and made two stops! No campout, no alarm, no lines. My kinda shopping.

Dave Morris said...

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a ...