Other than my rather unhealthy addiciton to American Idol, I try to stay away from reality television as a general rule. I watched the first season of Survivor (remember Richard Hatch?) and season two of America's Next Top Model. Other than that, though, I've stayed away.

Until tonight.

Dave's out enjoying a "Guys' Night Out." Sparky is sleeping soundly in his crib. I'm eating leftover tuna casserole, scrolling through the channel guide since nothing is on the DVR because all the shows are in reruns for the holidays. And, I come across this:

Momma's Boys on NBC *

I watched the entire thing. And, I set it to record the entire series.

Maybe it has to do with the fact that I just finished a class on Family Systems Theory and the dynamics of watching three young men try to find a romantic partner while their helicopter mothers monitor their every move is intriguing to me. (Enmeshment much? Thanks, Minuchin.)

Maybe it has to do with the one mother who overtly came out and said that she does not approve of any Black, Jewish, Muslim, or Asian girl for her son. Only a White, Catholic girl from an undivorced family will do. (And people like to say that racism no longer exists in our country!)

Or maybe it's the guilty pleasure of wanting to watch the cat fights as 32 young women fight over 3 men.

Don't tell anyone, okay?

*You'll never guess who is the exec producer, though...


Dave Morris said...

Honey, you should have come with us.


Clippy Mat said...

I do like a good (!) reality show myself.
My favourite was the Osbournes. Still watch Survivor and of course Idol.
ok and
Celebrity Rehab
and maybe
the occasional other one (or two)
Now I will have to check this one out.

beana said...

I saw that one but couldnt bear to watch it...what women would want a guy whose mother was selecting his dates for him. I tried to set up my girls with guys-- it didnt work. anyway...

watch A&E Intervention for some real REALITY TV...

rosemary said...

I passed on that one....too close to home. I do love Dancing with the Stars tho.....cause I can't dance at all. Have a wonderful holiday with Dave and Sparky.

rosemary said...

Happy 2009 to you and Dave and Sparky. i look forward to watching that adorable boy grow and become cuter and cuter.