This is only a test...

Spring break - the sky is cloudy, the temp is below 40-degrees, and I can't keep up with the mess that the children continue to create as I do everything in my power to clean.

It is days like today that I am reminded how grateful I am to be a working mother. I'm sorry if that sounds crass or unappreciative... But, not even a week into our two-week break, I'm about ready to beg to go back...

Excuse me - I have to go put the almost-3-year-old back in bed for his nap.

....Now where was I?

Ah, yes... Patience. Or lack thereof.

I love my children. More than life itself. But this ...

Hang on - infant playing with fireplace poker.

Cool. Soot all over her hands and shirt. Awesome.

Tell me again how I'm supposed to do dishes/laundry/make dinner with only a single hand or being interrupted every 36 seconds? I had great plans for everything I was going to do over break. So far, I think I've gone backward. And if the older one refuses to nap, how will I ever get anything crossed off the list?

And whoever decided that 1:30 p.m. was a perfect time to set off the sirens for the state-wide tornado drill, thanks for that. Because Sparky was almost asleep, but... no longer.


Mishka said...

You definitely have your hands full...good luck with your list this break. I hope you make a dent in it. It can be hard but you can do it!!!

Jennifer said...

Yes, many of us slowly go insane doing just this.

FX said...
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scfinder said...
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