One more down...

I don't know about you, but I am beginning my new year with a little rest and relaxation. The past week has been pretty much total chaos, between moving and other holiday festivities, but today, other than spending a couple of hours unpacking, I'm taking it easy!

As I'm sure everyone else does, the end of the year is kind of a benchmark for me to look back and see how much progress I've made (or lost) for the last 365 days. Here's a Reader's Digest version of my 2006:

RELOCATION: I managed to stay in one apartment for the entire year of 2006! That is definitely evidence of progress, considering that I moved FIVE TIMES in 2005. This is also the first lease that I have ever had (officially in my name) that I have completed the entire term. [+1 point for 2006]

PROFESSION: 2006 was definitely exciting in terms of my career. Some circumstances outside of my control (that may or may not have been instigated by circumstances within my control) caused me to leave on place of employment to find work elsewhere. Although I enjoy working at the new place a lot more than the old, the events that led me there were rather crappy, to say the least. I'd have to say that this category is a wash. [+0 pts.]

VEHICLES: Not only was I accident-free in 2006, I managed to repair the damages leftover from the previous year! Also, my insurance dropped significantly... like, we're talking close to $100 a month. Hey, they don't call me "Crash" for nothin'. Here's to the good driving record continuing in '07. [+1 pt.]

FINANCES: I started the year by having to get a second job to help pay bills. Things got better over the summer while I worked at the pool, but things have tightened up again this fall. Basically, I've spent the year treading water - haven't made any real progress in paying off my bills, but haven't gotten into any more debt, either. [+0 pts.]

FITNESS: I'm a bit obsessed about my weight, although you may not know this. I keep a pocket-sized calendar in the bathroom and write down my weight every morning. My weight goes up and down more than G.W.'s approval ratings over the past 6 years. From my weight last January 1, I managed to gain about 7 pounds, then lose 15 pounds and now have gained back about 8. For those of you keeping track, that basically means that I made no progress in reaching my goal weight for '06. I feel like this year is the year, though. [+0 pts.]

RELATIONSHIPS: Kind of like my weight, I have to admit that my majoy romantic relationship this year was a bit of a roller coaster at times. But, compared to years past, this one has been the best ever. In January of '06, I met the greatest guy that I've ever known in my whole life. I'm so thrilled that we've made it through this first year together and can't wait for the rest of them! [+100 points for 2006!]

It was definitely a great and memorable year. Although I didn't make progress in every way, I have to say that at least I didn't regress! And that, in itself, my friends, is progress.

Happy New Year to everyone! And here's hoping that your 2007 is better than any year past!


Diana said...

Happy New Year! (Your recap of 2006 was great.)

Dave Morris said...

Greatest guy? Who IS this prick, and where can I find him? I owe him an ass kicking.

Dr. Mike said...

Okay, okay.. kick my ass. I deserve it! haha.

Emily, all I can say is that we're all glad you're back from Colorado. You were somehow misplaced there because we needed you here.

Happy New Year! Let's all look forward to a year with no cat puke on our carpets!

Ari said...

I like your point system. I do this with everything too. And I'm glad I'm not the only one who crashes -- let's be crash free in '07!!! Woooooooooot!