Cutting Costs

As Dave and I work to plan our small wedding, we are amazed at how the estimated cost of our event keeps growing exponentially from what we first anticipated.

Therefore, we will be instituting the following cost cutting measures:
  1. All invitations will be issued by Evite.
  2. RSVP's must be received within one week of the Evite being sent. If you have not responded, you will be removed from the guest list. No exceptions.
  3. We'll be asking my friend, Mike B., to perform the ceremony. He was ordained through the Internets.
  4. We will be using Chris's karaoke machine and CD's for entertainment at the reception.
  5. Which will be held in the parking lot at the new White Castles in Troy, MO. (Mmmmm... Crave Case...)
  6. BYOB.
  7. And, if you want to be able to sit down, a lawn chair.
  8. Please include a gift receipt with all gifts. And pay cash when you buy them. Then, we can return the gifts and get the money to pay the bill at the White Castles.
  9. We'll be using a check from a closed account at the Aldi to pay for floral arrangements.
  10. Honeymoon? One word: Branson!

Be sure to check your e-mail for the Evite... It is going to be a beatiful ceremony!


Blogarita said...

I really hope you Evite me, as all the White Castles on this side of the state have closed.

Charlie's Moppy said...

Sounds like a great Party to me!! Just register for White Castle gift cards, that will save Gas money running from store to store returning things!

Chris Johnson said...

Sorry to tell you but they haven't built the white castle in Troy yet, maybe you should consider Waffle House in Warrenton!!